WelCome to Frisky Pup Canine HydRotheRApy and Fitness!


Getting started is really very simple, just follow the steps are outlined below.

We have set out this process to best serve you and your dog.  It is very important to have all the forms filled out prior to the first visit.

The veterinary release form is required for all clients so that we know there are no contraindications to hydrotherapy (reasons not to swim).  The most effective therapy comes when it is well informed and planned, as well this allows the for a collaboration between the Hydrotherapist and the Veterinarian.

What to Expect and How to Get Started:

  1. Give us a call, text, email or Facebook message (780-246-3076, info@k9hydrotherapy.ca )
  2. Download the three main information and permission forms located below
  3. Fill out the forms (2 are for you and 1 is for your vet)
  4. We can discuss what works best for you in terms of a time and day
  5. Set a time
  6. Return the forms
  7. Come in for your first appointment

Upon Arrival at Frisky Pup:

  • Please feel free to park on the street, behind the Ford Flex with the K9HYDRO plates or in the driveway if there is a space.
  • Please arrive a bit early so that you can allow your dog time to relieve him(her)self before swimming.
  • You can enter the facility on the left of the garage
  • Outside please be sure to always have your dog on a leash
  • If you require a bag for clean-up after your dog just ask as we have some available
  • If another dog is leaving please wait to enter until the other is gone or out of range of an encounter

Around the Pool:

  •  After the swim the dogs will be rinsed off then they can be dried
  •  We provide towels on site but please feel free to bring whatever you need for outside or in your vehicle
  •  It is a very wet area (mainly after the swim) you may want to go barefoot or wear shoes that are OK to get wet.
  •  Your dog is never to be left unattended in the pool area
  •  We use treats to encourage a friendly bond with the Hydrotherapist, how we treat during a session is generally not how it should be done at home.  If your dog has a favorite treat please feel free to bring those to your session OR a favorite toy if they are toy motivated

At the Session End:

  • Watch for the possibility of other dogs arriving – if there is someone waiting at the door ask for assistance



Form DownloAds:


Veterinary Referral Form

Photo Video Release Form

General Client Information



Cancellation Policy:

We appreciate your patronage and as such your swim session times are reserved for you. Because of the nature of our business and limited availability, short notice cancellations will unfortunately have to be charged. If you are not able to keep your appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance so that you can avoid any unnecessary costs and the time can be given to another dog in need of therapy.  Thank you